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The parent-child relationships directly impacts a parent’s productivity and a child’s future.

LEA’s coaches support you efficiently raise your children for their wellbeing and yours, without jeopardizing your career. Establish parent-child interactions reflective of future intrapersonal, interpersonal and circumstantial relationships that each child can benefit from.

Be the model example, accept the individual nature of your child and groom them to be a valuable member of a local and global community.

What you


  • Effective Communication

  • Acceptance & Forgiveness

  • Positive feedback

  • Flexibility & Empowering

  • Needs, desires and talents


  • Parent- Child Relations

  • Co-Creativity & Innovation

  • Positive Inner dialogue & Self Belief

  • Role Modelling

  • Personal & Academic Achievement


  • Positive Mindset & Behavior

  • Relationship Success

  • Confidence & Trust

  • Stress management

  • Meaning & Impact

Who can benefit?

Co-parents or single parents, individually or as a couple seeking empowerment to manage themselves, their careers and their families for mutual success.

Single Parent

Struggling to balance your career and your family. Lacking the tools to be successful at both. Let LEA help you juggle all your responsibilities effectively.


Don’t feel like you must sacrifice one for the other. LEAs professionals equip you with all you need to be great in all your roles professionally and personally.


Feel like you don’t have a grip on your family, particularly your growing children. Let LEA equip you with tools to foster healthy, happy relationships in your home.

Home Manager

Managing a home, different circumstance, people and attitudes is just as difficult and demanding as leading a corporate organization. Be empowered to successfully achieve positive results.

Our Coaches


Life & Business Coach
Yoga Teacher

Elena Buriani - LEA Growing People

Co-Founder & CEO

Leadership & Teams
Parental & Family Coach

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