Marta Guarneri

Corporate Wellness | Wellness & Fitness Coach | HR Specialist

Having worked as a strategic HR & Corporate Wellness consultant in an international setting and gained extensive experience as a professional health coach across various industries, I’ve developed a profound passion for advancing well-being within corporations and empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.

Through the creation and implementation of comprehensive wellness programs and the application of my expertise in habit change management, I’m on a mission to ignite a spark within individuals and corporations to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. I firmly advocate for the integration of lifestyle medicine principles, utilizing my certifications in corporate wellness, nutrition coaching, and health behavior change to steer individuals and organizations toward achieving peak health and optimal performance.

With a diverse background that spans from luxury fashion export to NGO coordination and immersive learning events, in culturally rich and geographically varied contexts ranging from Italy and South America to Australia and the Middle East, I bring a distinctive perspective and a holistic approach to my work.

As a wife, mother of three, and certified personal trainer, I’m committed to nurturing a balanced and active lifestyle, all the while consistently broadening my knowledge and impact in the pursuit of optimal mental and physical well-being for both myself and the fortunate individuals I have the opportunity to collaborate with.


English, Italian, Spanish