Mind & Body Vitality Coaching
Reclaim vitality, thrive mentally, physically and professionallyEmpowHer
Mind & Body Vitality Coaching
Reclaim vitality, thrive mentally, physically and professionallyget a free session#LEARN #EMPOWER #ACHIEVE

As a dedicated Wellness and Fitness Coach, I empower busy women in their life’s second act to thrive professionally, mentally, and physically. Through habit change management and lifestyle medicine practices, I as a team we establish lasting healthy habits for optimal well-being. Together, we explore life purpose, working on body and mind wellness with personalized nutrition, movement, and recovery plans. I integrate mindfulness practices and breathwork techniques to manage stress and enhance mental well-being. Join me on a journey to discover your purpose and achieve holistic health for a fulfilling life.

What you


  • Mindful living

  • Optimal nutrition and recovery

  • Power of daily movement

  • Stress management


  • Self confidence

  • Resilience

  • Productivity

  • Life satisfaction


  • Life Fulfillment

  • Ownership

  • Mental strength

  • Vitality

Who can benefit?

This coaching approach is versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of women, from those at different life stages to those navigating transitions or seeking renewed energy and focus. The personalized strategies offered aim to empower women to enhance their overall well-being, live with purpose, and appreciate life’s pleasures at every stage.
Online or In person (Abu Dhabi area)
Language: English, Spanish and Italian

Busy Professional Women

Striving to balance professional and personal commitments while aiming to rediscover life’s pleasures and beauty.

Women in Professional and Personal Transition

Navigating transitions with energy and mental focus, tackling life’s obstacles with resilience.

Women Embracing Maturity

Desiring to live life to the fullest during their maturity and eager to optimize physical and mental vitality.

Women of All Ages

Seeking holistic well-being and committed to fostering a healthy lifestyle.

Our Coaches

Marta Guarneri

Corporate Wellness HR Specialist
Wellness & Fitness Coach


Working with Marta has been transformative! As a woman navigating a major career change, her coaching provided the mental clarity and energy I needed. The personalized approach to wellness and fitness empowered me to tackle challenges with confidence. I’ve not only found a renewed passion for my work but also a healthier and more vibrant version of myself.

Choosing Marta as my wellness and fitness coach was a game-changer! In the difficult period of my children leaving home and my body changing, she guided me through a journey of self-discovery, helping me embrace maturity with vitality. The combination of mindfulness, personalized nutrition, and fitness strategies has given me a renewed sense of purpose and a body and mind that feel stronger than ever.

I can’t thank Marta enough for her coaching! As a busy professional, I was struggling to balance work and personal life. Her expertise in habit change management and holistic wellness not only boosted my energy levels but also rekindled my appreciation for life’s pleasures. I’m now centered on more personal pursuits, happier and more settled thanks to her personalized and empowering coaching approach!

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