Elena Buriani - LEA Growing People
Elena Buriani - LEA Growing People

Elena Buriani

Co-Founder & CEO
Wellness Coach & Corporate HR Specialist

After working as Talent & HR Recruiter for Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions and after being gifted with a Special Need Child, I developed the passion for: leadership, positive intelligence, performance excellence, conflict management and adaptive strategies.
By co-Founding with my husband Luca LEA Growing People, my mission is to develop high performing leaders, impactful teams, confident parents and balanced families.
I stand for reducing limiting beliefs and sterile behaviours, holding the vision that challenges and conflicts can always be transformed into growth opportunities.

I founded LEA Growing People, alongside my husband Luca, to help founders, C-suite executives, teams, parents, and couples learn, get empowered, and achieve their goals.
Italian, with a degree in foreign languages, I went on to pursue a career in a MNC as a Human Resources Recruitment specialist before launching a non-profit organization, Le Pleiadi. Its mission was to deliver personal development strategies and help create a sustainable community. Following that, I soon launched Music Together Sol Mi Do, bonding parents and young children (newborn to five years old) through music and movement.
After moving to Dubai, I founded Music Together Sol Mi Do Dubai and, as a former professional dancer, enjoying a lifelong relationship with body awareness, and being married to a blackbelt kung fu master – I also became Pilates and Qi Gong instructor.
Through my experience as a mum, and interacting with various families, I discovered how life-changing and precious it is to use mirroring, emotions, actions and communication to strengthen all relationships. This inspired me to pursue my coaching journey, and I became a Co-Active and Parental Certified Coach.
Through my experience as talents expert and as an entrepreneur and interacting with various corporates, partners and teams, I discovered how career-changing can be to show up authentic for what you are, together with the importance of creating a judgemental free and a psychologically safe environment for you to express freely your potential, to connect and to impact at work as well as at home.
I’m passionate about helping my clients unleash their full potential, and creating a community of free, safe, aware, fulfilled and emotionally intelligent beings: leaders, teams, parents and children.
By founding LEA Growing People, my mission is to support leaders, teams, couples, parents and families, undergoing the same life transformation that I have undergone with my husband, family and companies. With LEA’s handpicked team of extremely qualified coaches and mentors – the team not only helps our clients reach new heights, they also helped the founding team get to where they currently are.


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