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Mental Fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges. This response can by positive or negative. Positive Intelligence is the result of mental fitness training.

Let LEA professionals equip you to respond positively rather negatively, allowing you to challenge time and to accomplish the highest potential success and to achieve sustained happiness while doing so.

What you


  • Empathy

  • Passion and purpose

  • Your Saboteurs

  • Your Sages (empathize, activate, innovate, explore)


  • Curiosity

  • Creativity

  • Self Management

  • Your Actions


  • Healthy relationships

  • Peace of mind/wellness

  • Impact

  • Peak performance

Who can benefit?

LEA’s mental coaches get you ready to positively tackle any challenges in the workplace, in society and in the home.


Our past experiences skew our interactions with our environment and others. Be empowered to be the best most positive you.


Interpersonal relationships can get challenging. Gain the wisdom of understanding and responding positively.


People and balancing life are a professional’s biggest challenges. However, you can overcome these with the right mindset.


Success can often be overwhelming and straining. Achieve all your business goals with a healthy attitude.

Our Coaches

Elena Buriani - LEA Growing People

Co-Founder & CEO

Leadership & Teams
Parental & Family Coach

Heba Jundi - LEA Growing People
Heba Jundi

Leadership & Team Coach
& Workshop Designer

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Are you a new customer? Book now your free session!

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