KNOW YOURSELFDiscover your strengths and who you were truly meant to beget a free session#LEARN #EMPOWER #ACHIEVE

Anyone with the right tools and skills can transition successfully whether professionally, socially or personally.

Through research-based tests and assessments and powerful coaching sessions, this program is designed to help you unveil your talents, values, skills and purpose achieving an optimum energy flow and empowering you to dream big, transforming ideas into actions for a fulfilled life.

What you


  • Your strengths & purpose

  • Your values

  • How to ideally use your energy

  • Self management


  • Self confidence

  • Growth mindset

  • Self leadership

  • Decision making


  • Consolidated vision

  • Clear action plan

  • Work/ life balance

  • Resilience

What are the benefits?

Transformation can happen to anyone in all spheres of a lived experience. Knowledge of one-self is what is required to initiate and complete the process.


To effectively communicate and make meaningful choices and relationships, you have to look within first. This program holds your hand as you do so.


You require skills and tools to fulfil a new role, or you are looking to make a change in your career. Let us support  and equip you.


You may outwardly be doing all the right things but be dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Discover how to be mentally fit in a demanding world.


Stepping into a new environment whether a new job, new club or new country can be overwhelming and lonely. We equip you for a smooth transition.

Our Coaches

Karine Duranty

Intercultural trainer & coach I Transformational coach

Dr. Mandy Zimmermann

Executive Coach

Grace Khleif

Leadership, Wellness
and Relationship Coach


Read what our clients say about LEA services. We guarantee better results than you ever thought possible through safety, confidentiality, expertise, objectiveness, agility and innovation.

I have had the pleasure of working with Karine for 4 years as her client : the exclusive distributor of Laita brands in Ghana.
During these 4 years we have had consistent growth despite the adverse market conditions. This was made possible by Karine’s scientific approach and analysis of the market conditions as well as her close follow up on the execution of the plans. During our work together she displayed the highest levels of support, integrity, business acumen and hands-on leadership. I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors

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