Gitanjali Sharma

L&D Solutions Partner – Coach & Master Facilitator

With a rich & diverse background as a Global L&D Leader & Master Facilitator, I am committed to you in offering tailored Learning & Development solutions through Consulting, Coaching, Training & Development. I am passionate about People & Culture. Through Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Training Design & Facilitation I enable individuals & organizations to maximize their potential and support growth.

As an ICF Certified – PCC Coach & Senior Talent Development Professional, I bring over 20+ years of extensive experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Talent Management, and International Academics. Throughout my career, I’ve held pivotal roles in Corporate Multinationals such as 3M & Exxon Mobil JV, and KPMG Management Consulting, shaping global leadership strategies and fostering organizational growth.

My commitment to academic excellence mirrors my corporate success, serving as a Global Master Facilitator and C-Suite Coach for Senior Leaders, nurturing aspiring individuals into impactful leadership roles. Drawing from my multifaceted background, I offer diverse perspectives in Coaching & Leadership Training, underpinned by a profound understanding of Culture, Change, and Transformation.

Having lived and worked in Six countries, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, collaborating with professionals from various nationalities as a Senior Manager in Talent Management and Academic scholar. I’ve empowered employee development on a large scale, delivering over 100,000+ hours of training & facilitation across virtual and hybrid learning platforms, seamlessly blending theory with practice through Thought Leadership and reflective insights.

Currently, I am on the path to further elevate my coaching proficiency by pursuing my Master Coach Certification (MCC) with ICF. As a Gallup Strengths Coach, I’ve guided individuals, managers, and teams towards unlocking their full potential. Additionally, as a Licensed Insights Practitioner and Aperian Global Associate, I specialize in fostering self-awareness, teambuilding, and cross-cultural collaboration, leveraging tools like Globesmart and IBI to drive DEI initiatives.

My extensive engagement with Stakeholders & clients across APAC, Europe, Middle East Africa, North & South America underscores my commitment to global excellence and organizational transformation.


English, Hindi