Stay Happy!

Being happy is easy, and we all need to be reminded how easy it can be.
I ended my morning coaching session with the inspiration for this blog post.
I signed off my session with “Stay happy and discover what it feels like”.
It’s such a powerful yet simple insight. Despite that, we constantly feel it’s a challenge to achieve, and some days, we even feel like happiness doesn’t exist.
Like every morning, this morning, before my session, I woke up and practiced acceptance and forgiveness. I found it difficult to accept and forgive myself.
Have you ever felt that?
This morning, I chose to forgive myself for being so harsh on myself.
I visualised five things I’m grateful happened yesterday.
After looking towards and thanking the past, I focused on the future. I visualised abundance coming to me in the form of strength and opportunities, the creation of tangible results and continuous improvement, building resilience and impact.
Despite this, when I heard “stay happy and discover how it feels”, I felt that there was something else I should discover today. I gave in to curiosity and asked my family what happiness means to them. Here’s what they said.

Arianna, my daughter, 6 years old: Happiness is love, being with my family and making them feel loved. It’s feeling like you belong to each other, and having fun together. Happiness is having fun with my family and friends.

Gabriele, my son, 10 years old: Happiness is family, the love we share and the feeling of togetherness, and having fun. I feel at my happiest when I’m spending time with the family, doing things I enjoy, and working on my hobbies.
When I’m older, I’ll find happiness in being a scientist.

Luca, my husband, 42 years old: Happiness is a comfortable house on a tree, the scent of wood, taking in nature, and watching everything around me grow.

I then asked myself – what can I do today to bring happiness into my life?
To me, happiness is freedom, bringing value to my children, colleagues, clients, and my partner. I find happiness in giving, I can bring happiness into the world by coaching, having fun, and seeing my clients grow.
Now it’s your turn – how happy do you feel today?
I asked my coach and colleague, Rikke, an expert on happiness. We asked ourselves:

How can we bring more happiness to the world, starting today ?

We have an answer! We will reveal this to you on May 27 at 2PM during our free co-hosted webinar: STAY HAPPY!
You already know how, but we could all use the occasional reminder and a mood boost. Join our free one-hour webinar where we will be discussing happiness and what you can do to nurture an even more positive mind.
Staying happy is a way to keep mental illness away. Just like healthy food keeps your body healthy, focusing on your mind and thoughts will keep you sane and resilient.

This webinar will equip you with simple tools to STAY HAPPY so you’re ready for the time ahead.

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