Personal Breakthrough JourneyBecome who you were always meant to beget a free session#LEARN #EMPOWER #ACHIEVE

This is a journey of rapid transformation as you let go of everything within that’s been holding you back from being who you were always meant to be.

Create profound and sustainable change with tools (such as NLP, Time Paradigm Technique, and Hypnosis) that tap into your unconscious mind, where making lasting change is easy.

Experience positive shifts within yourself right from the very first session and be ready to release all the emotional baggage, trauma, anxiety, and self-sabotaging beliefs that have kept you from shining.

Embark on this journey and become the powerful, confident, happy person you are worthy of being.

What you


  • The Power of Perception

  • Life Mastery Model

  • Radical Responsibility

  • Anxiety Release


  • Empowering Mindset

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Leadership


  • Emotional Baggage Release

  • Healing Trauma

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Who can benefit?

The Personal Breakthrough Journey helps any person who wants to stop getting in the way of their own success.


Leaders who want to understand themselves more deeply and heal from within so they can confidently and effectively lead others as their most authentic selves.


For those dealing with the uncertainty and stress of entering a new stage in their life/career and are in need of deep healing and soul searching. Whether it’s shifting to a new field, starting/ending a relationship, or even experiencing the dreaded quarter and mid-life crises.


Working individuals looking for a change and need more clarity about who they want to be, what they want in their career and in life, and how they can achieve it.


Anxious individuals who want to heal their inner child, free themselves from their anxiety, and shift their default state from one of constant negativity and unease to positivity and serenity.

Our Coaches

Alexandra Reyes

Transformational Coach


Alex radiates warmth and wisdom. She effortlessly forms deep connections and creates a safe space to be vulnerable and honest. I felt seen and heard in ways that I didn’t think were possible. Each session was a stepping stone to unlock more of my potential. It was a journey of unlocking my true self, one breakthrough at a time. This is truly what sets Alex apart, she has an unwavering belief in her client’s potential to achieve greatness and by the end of your sessions with her, she’ll make sure you believe in yourself too, empowering you to chase your dreams fearlessly. With Alex’s guidance, I am equipped with the tools I need to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. I am incredibly grateful for her unwavering support.

I was going through various emotional baggage due to childhood traumas that affected every part of my present life journey. I was looking for someone who would help me release the emotions but at the same time be able to connect with me through this journey of self-reflection. I am so glad I met Alexandra through a friend. Each session I had with Alex transformed me at every step I took. It helped me contemplate all the emotions I had and transformed me as a person. She helped me overcome each and every trauma in a very systematic way. Apart from being professional, I felt Alexandra showed empathy and patience during the whole journey. She helped me change the negative emotions to positive emotions which helped my mental wellbeing. She helped me approach life from a completely different angle. I am so glad I met her and was able to go through this journey with her. Thank you Alexandra for empowering me.

I went through the Negative Emotions Release with Alexandra, and in all honesty, I never realized how much emotional baggage I was holding onto in the present. After going through the transformative experience, I can definitely say I have been able to process my emotions and understand myself on a much deeper level. Alexandra was really professional throughout the whole process and was able to handle and guide me with care. Would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to go through this experience.