Alexandra Reyes

Transformational Coach

I am an HR and Learning & Development expert with over 8 years of experience with a passion for facilitating learning and helping individuals grow and understand themselves on a deeper level.

My mission is to provide transformational coaching with various healing modalities, aiming to help people empower themselves and facilitate lasting positive changes with ease. I stand for self-empowerment through self-healing and firmly believe that trauma is not one’s fault, but healing is always a personal responsibility. I am here to assist anyone looking to empower themselves and remove self-imposed barriers to their success.

I help individuals who want to empower themselves and stop getting in the way of their own success.
I’ve helped clients free themselves from emotional baggage and trauma, anxiety, anger issues, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and anything else within themselves that had been holding them back so they can move forward towards their goals with clarity, confidence, and conviction.

I’ve experienced first hand the transformative effects of NLP Coaching, the Time Paradigm Technique and Hypnosis and can personally attest to its power to help me create lasting positive changes within myself.

I let go of a lot of bottled up anger, sadness, hurt and resentment (some of which was wreaking havoc in ways I was not consciously aware of) in a tremendously short amount of time. This is because the techniques I use tap into the unconscious mind where making lasting change is easy.

Within an incredibly short period of time, I grew love and confidence in myself and changed my default state from one of anxiety, stress, and worry to one with inner peace, joy and gratitude.

I found inspiration and purpose by letting go of what wasn’t serving me, embracing my authentic self and the wholeness within me.

Now I’m on a mission to help others do the same.


English, Tagalog