Let’s drop that hat

Raise your hand if you wear many hats in your life: you are a manager, a parent, a friend, a child, an artists… much more.
Do you consciously separate professional from personal life ?
At Lea we believe in the value of authenticity: bringing our full self out there whatever hat we are wearing.
How many more opportunity could you unlock if you bring your full self at work?
What additional value could you create for your colleagues if you allow them to “See” you in all your beautiful complexity?

If it’s so simple then, why we don’t do it ? 

There are 5 main fears connected to why it’s difficult to bring your full self out there.

    1. Being judged: Let’s be honest, being judged is one of the most awful feelings. When we received judgement one or more of our core values are being stepped on. In my case it’s the value of respect and the value of freedom, the freedom to express myself.
    2. Being labeled: This could be the step after the judgment, which ultimately can be translated into receiving the “gift” of a label. If the unhealthy dynamic of office gossip starts, the label can become a bias, and you could be afraid about losing your reputation or being referred as “the one who is ….” .
    3. Being exposed: Being exposed means to be vulnerable. To give others some informations that could be used against you. Do you like to feel vulnerable ? Probably most of us don’t.
    4. Being rejected: What if they don’t like me ? what if they don’t accept me ? what if they reject me ? We might want to run away from the awful feeling of being rejected.
    5. Losing your job: this could be another reason. If I am rejected i could be seen as different, not fitting the corporate standards. Or  the important theme of  money can be the reason why you are not free to express yourself. And what about the theme of reputation? What would my parents think if I lose my job ? what would my image be in front of my friends and my former esteemed corporate colleagues.

be Vulnerable to be Invulnerable  

All of these fears touch the mother of all the fears:  being vulnerable. We have an important news to share: being vulnerable is the ultimate condition of human beings.  Ultimately it will happen, you will be vulnerable at some point. Maybe you’ll lose your job. You’ll fail a project. You’ll become old. You’ll get sick. In how many other ways could you become vulnerable ?

Why not embracing this reality right now then and just be confidently free to express who you really are ? There is a lot of power, strength, resilience, freedom hidden behind embracing vulnerability. Yes it requires loads courage to embrace your vulnerability.

Then be brave. Go out there, be courageous. Be YOU. Let’s bring your unique value out there, use your gifts to help others.

Be Vulnerable to be Invulnerable, and ultimately you’ll be really FREE.


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