Costantino Spagnoletti

Experiential Learning and Thrive Coach

After working as the MEA and China Regional Manager for American multinationals in the Energy Industry, I decided to leave the corporate career and work on my business projects. I am passionate about technological and organizational innovation, and I stand for people to thrive in personal and professional environments.

I have been fortunate to look forward to each day and its challenges for most of my life, and at the same time, I was not on my natural path.
I was stuck, and at that moment, I discovered the wonderful world of coaching.
I learned how to re-align myself to have a fulfilled and enjoyable path coherent with my vulnerabilities.

My approach will help you remember your innate talent and thrive as a happy and kind human being.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPCC) recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I’m enrolled in the Co-Active Leadership Program.

I bring over 18 years of experience in Sales and Management from international corporations, including General Electric.

I am the CEO and co-founder of, an artificial intelligence platform specialized in analyzing technical specifications in the energy sector.
I am a professor of artificial intelligence at within the Master in Digital Entrepreneurship program • MADE and a lecturer at Politecnico di Bari.
I am also a Partner and COO of, which allows water sports enthusiasts to monitor and improve their sports performance.


Italian, English






Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Sikkhona Certified

Bridge Certified

Certified Professional Coach Certification

Professional Co-Active Leadership Training

Professional Selling Skills


“Innate propensity to listen, natural empathy, genuine interest in others combined with the ability to create a comfortable environment without judgment makes Costantino an excellent guide in the path of action and self-awareness.”

“Genuine and authentic, Costantino makes you feel at home. His welcoming environment allowed me and my team to foster a psychologically safe corporate environment. Our morale and performance are a clear manifestation of Costantino’s facilitation.”

“Thanks to Costantino’s life coaching skills, I discovered a new side of me. He encouraged me to seek my inner strengths and face life with peace and courage. I started to look at daily issues from a different perspective, enjoying my family time and social life more. It was a great self-learning and self-growing opportunity. He has a very professional and caring approach that helped me in opening up with him without fear or embarrassment.”

“I’m Fabio Rea, and my post is related to the collaboration had with Costantino Spagnoletti. We followed a path on which I could improve my soft skills and personality in the working environment.

Costantino helped me a lot about how to get out of them: I understood my challenges on the inner part of my personality and how to demonstrate my office and management skills.

I am definitely a better worker than I was after Costantino’s help.

I recommend him if you need to improve your life, whether Work, Family, friends environment is. Costantino will guide you on the steps necessary for improving your life.”

“I started working with Costa during the most unusual times that for me, personally, came very shortly before anyone knew what was in store for the world. At that time, I had a lot of changes and challenges to power through on a personal as well as professional level, and our work with Costantino was invaluable. It offered different angles on how to view my current situation, approach, and the way forward. New, brighter horizons opened up for me.

The least to say, that the work we *had done together had me much more agile and prepared for the overwhelming times of global pandemic.
How to change the course of thinking and reacting within your own spectrum is quite possibly the hardest thing to do and nearly impossible to do without a proper guidance.”