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One of the main objectives of conflict resolution coaching is to intervene and help clients develop their conflict tolerance, competence and confidence. Conflict coaching may be personal, in the workplace or in a mediation process.
Asha’s one on one sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, blending emotional intelligence with practical strategies to empower her clients. Asha promotes a positive mindset that fosters learning, growth, and collaboration. Asha supports clients to see conflict as an opportunity rather than a threat, and to appreciate the benefits of resolving it.
Beyond mere dispute resolution, Asha is committed to fostering lasting personal growth and better communication skills among those she works with. Her holistic approach, enriched by mindfulness and mental health advocacy, ensures clients not only find resolution but also gain tools for stress management and emotional well-being.
Asha models a positive attitude with enthusiasm, optimism, and resilience her clients.

What you


  • Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

  • Conflict Resolution Process

  • Dispute exploration

  • Conflict Management


  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Interpersonal Relationship Skills

  • Self-awareness

  • Communication Skills


  • Positive Attitude

  • Resilience

  • Better Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Solutions

Who can benefit?

All people. This is not a service that is specific to a company or department, it is a service that can be beneficial for any person finding themselves in conflict and needing a new approach.


For startups to grow fast, the founder needs to grow faster.

Medical Staff

The health industry may benefit from my many years of experience in hospital and health systems working in dispute resolution and project management


To help empower a team and understand dispute resolution


To help individuals to understand and prepare for any conflict/dispute resolution process

Our Coaches

Asha Alwast

Conflict Resolution &
Mediation Coach


Working with Marta has been transformative! As a woman navigating a major career change, her coaching provided the mental clarity and energy I needed. The personalized approach to wellness and fitness empowered me to tackle challenges with confidence. I’ve not only found a renewed passion for my work but also a healthier and more vibrant version of myself.

Choosing Marta as my wellness and fitness coach was a game-changer! In the difficult period of my children leaving home and my body changing, she guided me through a journey of self-discovery, helping me embrace maturity with vitality. The combination of mindfulness, personalized nutrition, and fitness strategies has given me a renewed sense of purpose and a body and mind that feel stronger than ever.

I can’t thank Marta enough for her coaching! As a busy professional, I was struggling to balance work and personal life. Her expertise in habit change management and holistic wellness not only boosted my energy levels but also rekindled my appreciation for life’s pleasures. I’m now centered on more personal pursuits, happier and more settled thanks to her personalized and empowering coaching approach!

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