Leadership Coach &
Rya Sailing Yacht Master Instructor

I am an industrial engineer who has worked for many years with international luxury brands mainly in the automotive (Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini) and nautical industry as Business and Brand Development and Training. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to found my own company – Margot Solutions – and, as an experienced sailor, a team leader and a coach, I started focusing on topics like people development and sustainability. I am very passionate about self-awareness and I love focusing on my client Emotional Intelligence to support them in releasing their best potential and live the life the way they want.
My motto is #bewhoyouare!

I have built a strong experience in business development, retail distributors network management, new emerging markets, sales and corporate training with connections in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.
Always seeking for new horizons during  my career I progressed rapidly by strengthening the following skills:
• effective time-management
• human resources management
• planning and forecasting to achieve targets
• brand management, sales training coordination as well as project management
• higher degree of flexibility in adapting to different environments
• supportive team player skills with positive energy and enthusiasm
• connecting people and internalization in different markets where she lived and she currently has connections
• communication and presentation skills
My approach is driven by the following values with the objective to instill them in other people, including my clients:

• Loyalty and empathy
• Reliability, Accountability and Integrity
• Flexibility
• Efficiency and effectiveness
• Method and Discipline
• Resilience and courage
• Implementation and Concreteness


English, Italian