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Davide Natali

Mental & Talent Coach for Teen, Athletes and Executives 

I am specialized in Leadership, Communication, Human Peak Performance and Team Building and I am an expert in Gifted and Talented Education, in Parent Counseling and Body movement development for able and disabled people.
I am also a 4th Dan Karate Instructor with 26 years experience and 2013 he became a key educational partner of Luca and Elena in defining their Gifted and Talented son’s journey toward growth, inclusivity, acceptance, strength and self expression. From 2018 Davide joined LEA project to support with professionalism and passion other parents and leaders, families and teams through a very similar journey.

My name is Davide Natali, vocational trainer in Communication, Leadership, Team Building and Human Potential and professional educator with specialization in Gifted and Talented education at the Belin Blank Center, Iowa University, USA and LabTalento, of ‘University of Pavia, Italy.

I am 4th Dan Karate coach, with 24 years of practice and nearly 20 years of teaching the discipline. I teach personal Defense since 17 years, I practice Hatha Yoga since 18 years. I I am athletic trainer and expert in the development of the movement for athletes, able-bodied and disabled.

My experiences and work projects in Leadership, Empowerment and Parents counseling allowed me to positively impact children and adults, both in private and public education system.

I believe young people education, if well implemented has, in itself, a HUGE POWER, but it must be given back with the dignity it deserves and with its true value. When it comes to adults, their development raises from personal awareness and education of thought.
The right structure and the good amount of energy when implemented in group can bring harmony and meaningful impacts.

In all cases the mind disciplined in the right way and well reprogrammed can be very powerfull as “Energy follows thought” (cit.).

I am passionate in giving a strong contribution, and you?
“Why limit yourself?”


Italian, English






 Bachelor Degree in Vocational Trainer – Human Resources Development & Education

Belin-Blank Fellowship Program in Gifted Education

Karate Instructor – 4°Dan FIK (Italian Karate Federation)