Cohabiting with an individual, from couples to families, evokes a unique energy that comes from living together and being exposed to each other’s energies. LEA helps couples and families better express their emotions and communicate effectively.
Sometimes, to really get to your destination, you need to take the road less travelled. At LEA, we use coaching, mentoring, music, and martial arts to drive a holistic transformation within your family and rewire the connections between thoughts, emotions and physiology.
A marriage has its own life. This can create a beautiful synergy, and sometimes, conflict.
The best way to get your partner to act differently is by starting to act differently yourself.
In marriage coaching, the couple gets inspiration and accountability to work on being the best couple they can be.
Channeling love into the proactive upbringing of a child can be overwhelming.
With this program, parents can opt to be coached together or individually, on topics relating to parenthood or their relationship with their children. Parents can also enlist to be individually mentored by the co-founders of LEA, a mother and father duo.
Parental mentoring can cover topic such as family time management and work-family life balance; it can also help you evaluate how to spend quality time and choose activities for yourself, your partner and your children.
When needed, the LEA team can facilitate the relationship between education providers and family members, or schedule a house visit for a deeper understanding of space distribution and organization.