Dr. Vanessa Moussa

Stress and Burnout High Achiever Mindset coach

After working as a clinical Dentist for six years on Reunion Island I developed a passions for personal development, stress management, growth mindset, living on different countries and embracing our life to the fullest.
By Founding the AYWA Coaching Method™ and becoming a Stress Management, Mindset Coach and NLP Practitioner, my mission is to help stressed and burnt-out high-achieving professionals wake up with mental clarity, calm, and confidence to seize the day and reach their goals with peace of mind and physical wellness.
I stand for self-mastery as an essential skill everyone needs to lead a happy and successful life where we no longer seek validation from others or from our achievements.

My journey into mental health started while practicing Dentistry on Reunion Island. I was known as the “Gentle Dentist.” People from all over the island, suffering from dental phobias and anxiety would come to seek my gentle touch and my mastery in stress and pain management.
During my practice, I realized my true passion was for mental health, psychology, and personal development.
So, it was no surprise that I decided to take my passion and pivot in my professional career. From oral health to mental health.
A decision that didn’t come easily because of all the societal pressures and expectations we have as women. Especially healthcare professionals, who decide after years of investing in one professional career to change their path to follow their true passion.
Having gone through severe anxiety, panic attacks, and even burnout, I had to put my well-being first, follow my passion for psychology, and discover my life’s purpose outside dentistry.
That’s why I moved to Dubai and created my signature AYWA Coaching Method™ which is already helping women and men of all ages break free from their inner saboteur, perfectionism, and people-pleasing patterns.
Thanks to the AYWA Coaching Method™, I help you get absolute clarity on who you truly are, how to overcome the negative patterns that are holding you back, and discover your clear and focused life purpose.
I have collaborated with LEA because we share the same vision of supporting people to become the best version of themselves and helping leaders prevent overwhelm and burnout so they can perform with mental clarity and physical wellness.


English, Arabic, French






Doctor of Dental Surgery: Dentistry

Postgraduate University Diploma: Restorative And Aesthetic Dentistry.

Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Certified Mental Emotional Release Practitioner
  • Know Thyself Coaching Institute®

ICF member

Fellow at the American Institute of Stress


I definitely feel more confident. I can now handle things that used to scare me and make me insecure. In addition to
feeling deeply understood and listened to, I have had the opportunity to learn concrete ways to find my goals and
achieve them.

With this coaching, I felt I was really working towards myself, learned to know myself better and find it way easier to
make choices in my life and achieve my goals. Besides, meeting myself was the most beautiful encounter of my life, like
a blooming flower!

Vanessa isn’t just a coach when you work with her, she is a friend and a confidante. I rarely feel comfortable around new people, but Vanessa somehow made me comfortable enough to speak my soul. I am so happy to have worked with her and embark on a journey of self-development to reach a stage of realizing self-worth! Thank you, Vanessa, for all that you did for me! I appreciate, acknowledge and admire your morals, values and overall energy!

High achievers often come with strong characters, firm beliefs, and determination. Being a high-achiever herself, Dr. Vanessa knows precisely where the real challenges high-achievers face during their career or life-changing situations are. Her coaching method with attention to detail, all delivered with professionalism, wisdom, and smiles has made my coaching sessions more like a good friend’s conversation where breakthroughs were pleasantly welcomed. I do recommend her life coaching program to all who want to get clarity and find the right and suitable direction in life.