Music TogetherⓇ is an early childhood music and movement program, supported by decades of research with over 3,000 locations in 40+ countries.

Joining our family music classes is the perfect way to make timeless memories and create fresh bonds with your little one. Music Together® classes bring together parents, teachers, and caregivers, instill a sense of community and help children become intuitively emotionally intelligent, good communicators, leaders and music makers.

In a judgment-free, cross cultural, plurilingual, diverse environment, everyone is invited to unleash their creative selves and have constructive fun.

As a parent, you want to give your baby the very best and actively making music is important for his or her overall development. Music Together is the essential aid that helps young children learn through active exploration and live, meaningful interaction with the grownups they love


We can help your child grow into a confident music-maker while also tapping into all the developmental benefits that music brings such as:

  • Help your child’s growth development
  • Strengthen your bonds
  • ​Improve your leadership and theirs
  • Bring harmony & fun to your daily life
  • Help your child enjoy all other education frameworks
  • Language development & emergency literacy
  • Social and emotional development
  • Cognition and general knowledge
  • Physical & motor skills development
  • Approaches to learning

Mixed Ages Class

Classes are held in English. We welcome all children from 0 to 5 years old. In this class, children will grow to develop language, social, psysical, emotional and motor skills.

Babies Class

We welcome families with infants from birth through 9 months of age. In this class, the activities are specifically designed to teach you how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with your baby through music using methods such as “purposeful touch,” “sound-layering,” “dancing for baby,” and more.

School Class

This class supports the work of the classroom teachers, engages students and parents giving children what they need to grow musically. Our comprehensive curriculum and proven program model can be integrated into any school environment, from childcare and preschool settings to public, independent, and faith-based schools.

Classes in Italian and Spanish

These specific classes are held in these foreign languages with additional resource materials in the foreign language version. This offers our little Italian and Spanish friends the opportunity to continue to use their language in a playful, experiential and holistic way and at the same time it strengthens their sense of community and belonging.

Other Classes

If you require a type of class not listed here, please view our full list of classes (link: and feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


In family classes, parents and caregivers learn together with their children and then they can re-create the fun at home with our recordings and songbooks. To find out more please click here. (link a classes)


Our schools’ curriculum is deeply integrated into the classroom experience all day long and then continues at home as family members use our music and home materials to further engage children. To find out more please click here. (link a classes)

Special Needs

While Music Together’s Mixed-age Class is not therapeutic intervention, children with special needs, including physical, cognitive, or neurological impairments, are welcome and often thrive in Music Together Mixed-age Classes, with our “accept and include” philosophy, our understanding of developmentally appropriate practice, and our respect for different learning styles.

Elena Buriani is Music Together Sol.Mi Do Founder. 

She has had a lifelong relationship with music which began at 3 when she started doing ballet and later at 5 when she began singing in a choir. Since then, the rest it’s history but here are a few of her music and movement related major milestones:

1996 – Started attending the Theatre Lab and at 16 she started working for “Il laboratorio” (The Laboratory), a contemporary theater and dance company in Bologna.

2009 – Qualified as  a Music Together certified Teacher. Since, Elena continued to teach at Music Together’s Italian largest centre in Bologna. 

2014 – Qualified as a Music Together Center Director and opened her own centers in Medicina and Molinella in Italy.

2015 – Elena relocated with her family to Dubai and became formal Pilates Instructor at Pilates Academy

2016 – Inaugurated Music Together Sol Mi Do – Dubai

2017 – Became formal QiGong Instructor at Longzhao International GongFu

2018 – Founded LEA Growing People, a coaching and mentoring organization for individual, families and corporate and incorporated Music Together Sol Mi Do.

Elena has also attended a number of workshops including: Clownerie, Musicals, Physical Dance Theater, Orff-Schulwerk method, Montessori method for parents, Teach Music with Montessori method, Baby Yoga, Infantile Shiatsu Massage, Infantile Aquatics, Weaning, Infant Education According to Emmi Pikler.


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