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Leadership development and mental well-being represent key outcomes in the domain of leadership coaching. The emphasis is placed on the guidance of first-time managers and high-potential employees in their journey towards advancement, utilizing a diverse array of tools and techniques such as strength assessments and emotional intelligence evaluations. Furthermore, support is extended to foster leaders’ mental well-being, aiding in the resolution of challenges and the establishment of a equilibrium between personal and professional spheres.

What you


  • Personal growth

  • Strategic leadership

  • Effective communication

  • Time management


  • Self-esteem

  • Motivation

  • Assertive decision-making

  • Individual coaching


  • Leadership goals

  • Professional success

  • Charismatic leadership

  • Organizational growth

Who can benefit?

The “Hi Potential Leaders” service is designed for ambitious individuals aspiring to become exceptional leaders. It is ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone looking to develop their leadership skills and reach new levels of success.

Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who want to develop charismatic leadership to grow their businesses and positively influence their teams

Growing Professionals

Young professionals or individuals in career transition who want to acquire leadership skills to advance in their careers.

Experienced Managers

For managers looking to strengthen their leadership skills and lead their teams more effectively

Organizational Leaders

This category includes leaders of organizations and companies seeking to maximize their impact and lead their teams to success

Our Coaches

Mohamed Ammar

Learning And Development Manager


Read what our clients say about LEA services. We guarantee better results than you ever thought possible through safety, confidentiality, expertise, objectiveness, agility and innovation.


Highly recommend Mohamed Ammar for his exceptional coaching using Gallup Clifton Strengths. His insightful analysis and practical guidance helped me recognize my true potential. The session was truly magical, It really explored my personal strengths, and he also showed how strengths could enhance team dynamics. Thanks to his expertise, I feel empowered and ready to excel both personally and professionally.

Choose Mohamed Ammar for a transformative journey of self & team discovery and empowerment, uncovering your unique DNA of personal traits for potential growth.

Mohammad is a multidisciplinary certified coach in (leadership, emotional intelligence and strength) coaching. The combination of these three coaching approaches in addition to utilizing his unique individual strengths enables him to be a great listener to his coaching clients, pick and offer them the right tools that accelerate their goals achievement.
Above all he cares for his client well-being.

Mohamed is a talented business and personal coach with great experience and expertise, moreover his vast experience in learning and development gave him the sense of being a coach that work with you for your own benefit.

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