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N.R.G. Corporate Wellness Program is a systematic program that promotes positive health changes and continual improvement at individual level as well as organizational level by focusing on the six pillars of wellness; Physical, Mental and Emotional, Social, Nutritional, Financial, and Occupational. It’s a concept of deep health.

Wellness is more than the absence of disease or illness. It requires an active engagement in all aspects of life. N.R.G. Corporate Wellness Program partners with the clients to create or help improve their company culture and increase the overall well-being of employees. The GOAL is to produce together a work environment that advocates wellness and encourages employees to proactively make wiser choices as they become actively involved in their health.

N.R.G. Corporate Wellness Program knows that everyone’s wellness journey is unique, so it is every corporate culture and cultural context. N.R.G. Corporate Wellness Program program is highly customizable to support all participants, no matter their current lifestyle, mindful of their specific culture and context.

What you


  • Performance Improvement

  • Strength and focus

  • Deep Health

  • Change management


  • Wellbeing

  • Mental Fitness

  • Self Management

  • Healthy longevity


  • Fulfillment

  • High Performance Work Environment

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Workplace and Personal Efficiency

Who can benefit?

N.R.G. Corporate Wellness Program is a highly customizable program.
It has been created for leaders that want to improve the corporate culture of their corporation, the performance of their teams and the wellness of their workforce as a whole.
N.R.G. Corporate Wellness Program can be also delivered as a one-on-one coaching program for individuals that wish to achieve the best version of themselves both mentally and physically.
The program has been designed with a strong focus on healthy habits and change management that suits family coaching and group coaching as well.


Leaders that want to improve their corporate culture, wellness and performance, as well as individuals that wish to achieve their best version


Corporations that want to improve their culture by creating a work environment that is at the same time high performing and mindful of the wellbeing of their employees.


Individuals that wish to achieve their best version, by improving their habits to live a life at its fullest for the longest time possible.


N.R.G. Corporate Wellness Program is the perfect program that understand women’s needs and offers great tools for keeping high physical and mental energy levels to face personal and professional challenges.

Our Coaches

Marta Guarneri

Corporate Wellness HR Specialist
Wellness & Fitness Coach


The best Growth Marketing coach I’ve ever met. Great guy, great personality, and great knowledge on the subject matter. Not only did it make me learn new strategies on how to grow my businesses’ client base, but also learning how to market pretty much anything on any of my projects! I recommend especially to startups wanting to getting their hands on and grow their client base without needing to outsource it to an agency or hire a marketing team (at first).

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