Longzhao LEA Partner

Since 1976, a great passion for traditional Chinese styles has brought Longzhao to develop Real and Certified Kungfu and Taijiquan styles worldwide through a Complete, Effective, Orthodox approach. We, at LEA, are representing Longzhao in the UAE.

Music Together - LEA Growing People

Music Togethe was born in USA in 1987 and today has started classes in more than 3,000 communities worldwide. Its mission is to make the world a better place by making it more musical. Music Together Sol Mi Do, since 2013, has developed the method in Italy and in the UAE.

Tailored Workout, class for individual, duets or small group, international education to provide you the top instructors, equipment and locations. Together with Pilates Academy Dubai, LEA targets health, wellness, body awareness, properception, self discovery and strenghthening…from inside out.

Pilates Academy LEA partners

Raise Awareness of Coaching in Education is a community of passionate coaches, educators, principals creating a global movement to initiate learning revolutions. We enjoy empowering ambitious educators as we believe they cover a key role in nurturing the leadership of the future generations.

Race LEA Partner
Insigh 360 LEA partners

Insight360 is a collaborative approach, a holistic booster solution between LEA, Rising Phoenix Consultancy and Campaign Works. It developed a 360 degrees panoramic on business growth, brand evolution, market leadership and performance resilience aimed to realize sustainable and profitable businesses. 

Rising Phoenix LEA partners

A Dubai based boutique management consulting firm helping business leaders to achieve business growth and expansion. Key components: Innovation and Technology solutions, business transformation, process optimization, continuous improvement and customer excellence programs.

James and Alex provides Dance & Fitness classes for adults & kids. Their ballet, contemporary, hip hop and street dance classes are attracting the LEA’s Music Together Kids who have grown in to basic music competence, who have obtained already the body awareness and the passion required to continue a love relationship with music & movement.

James & Alex LEA partner

Blossom Nurseries is a leading global early years education group for children as young as 8 weeks up to 6 years of age. Since 2018, it is partnership with LEA sharing the value that all vocal communication is composed of musical elements and musicality is an intrinsic part of being human: we love, care, we are experts in what we do and provide learning experiences through joyful moments with authenticity. 

Blossom LEA Partner
Campaign Works LEA Partner

Brand Excellence, Brand Management and Reputation are important key factors for the success of any business. While LEA can help entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executive and Leaders identify vision&mission, purpose and strategic choices, CampaignWorks can translate these into Actionable items and powerful Marketing Plan.

Positive Intelligence LEA Partner

Based on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science, Positive Intelligence® of Shirzad Chamine, is the the X-Factor in Performance & Happiness. LEA’s Coaches are certified provider of this Methodology which will enhance your mental fit, so that you can handle life’s great challenges without mental stress or other negative emotions.

Babies & Beyond is a certified newbor care center, our trusted partner from pregnancy to parenthood and beyond. They provide prenatal workshop for couples, hypnobirthing, newborn care, postnatal home visit, breastfeeding and sleep support, baby sitting and all the mentorships you will need to smoothly transit in to parenting while enjoying the process.

Yoga Mamas is all about love, connection and support. Is offering pre and post natal Yoga group and individual classes unleashing the powers and capabilities of the feminine body in childbearing and birth. Classes that reates a safe environment where we consciously connect the breath, movement, intention to create a sacred bond with the baby.

Yoga Mamas LEA Partner

Management Engineering, team building, sailing and coaching, this is Margot Solutions: different customised solutions offered through versatility, reliability and focus. Margot Solution is leadership through sailing, is love and passion for the sea, which become a metaphore of life and its dynamic. For LEA, Margot Solution is Corporate Team Building, is yoga and coaching … all on board

PlayMatters Playgroups create space for families with little babies to concentrate on motor and mental develoment in infants and parenting support through play with carefully chosen movement games and socialization.
Together we believe in a conscious early parenthood  for a more sustainable happiness.

TCC is a Margers & Acquisitions Fellowhip Network that target sales, acquisitions and investment promoting an approach based on innovation, result orientation, time and process management. Both TCC and LEA share the scope of efficiency and finacial freedom mindset.

Vitality is the region’s first female-focused business accelerator, taking a holistic approach to the empowerment of women, driving success at any stage of the business lifecycle. Vitality offers a wide range of benefits for the smart female entrepreneur looking to successfully develop and scale her business, while taking into consideration the many other responsibilities that women juggle with.

Established in 2008 by husband and wife team, Scott & Lisa Marshall, Diverse is proud to be the leading performing arts school in the Middle East. Diverse cater for children of all abilities, ranging from complete beginners and kids who have attended our Music Together ( con hyper link qui) Program, through to students who are looking to make dance and performing arts a career. Whether your child loves to sing, dance or act for fun, or has their future in mind. Diverse Performing Arts is the best place for your budding superstars!