Paolo Rovelli

Leadership Development, Executive and Team Coach

After working with 3 Fortune 200 companies in the agile and operational excellence panorama, I understood that to generate a real shift it is necessary to enter at a human and personal level, process design and optimization or lean and agile thinking are not enough. That’s why I decided to become an entrepreneur in leadership development and coaching, accompanying leaders and teams to generate a climate of new possibilities boosting confidence, motivation and collaboration. I do so following my purpose to strengthen relationships, empower self-confidence and inspire kindness. I believe in a shift to we, where collaboration and synergies allow reactivity to shift into creativity.

With 20 years of experience collaborating in consultancy firms, insurance
companies and universities, I workwith a focus on people and improvement. I
led the development of an insurance procurement system that created €40M in
savings in the first year alone. During my tenure at AIG, the direct marketing
team won 1st place within the European offices, 2 years in a row.
As operational excellence manager, I consistentlyachieved an 18% to 25%
increase in productivityby refocusing the manager and teams on added value
Through my cultural transformation experience and having understood that the
real shift occurs mostlyat a personal level, I decided to become an
entrepreneur in leadership development. This prompted me to co-create Shift
2 We, a firm focused on partnering with clients to shift from reactivity to
creativity, byaccompanying leaders to enhanced awareness, teams to
interdependence and organizations to a regenerative approach to
stakeholders and nature.


English, Spanish, Italian






PCC – Professional Certified Coach

ACC – Accredited Certified Coach

CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Master degree in Economics and Innovation




Paolo has helped me to get out of a difficult situation by giving me a boost in self-confidence and allowing me to understand better my emotions. His positive approach, the program he designed and the coaching sessions have given me the strength in facing and managing conflict allowing an incredible transformation in the relationships within my team members.

I had the pleasure of working with Paolo for several months and I can assure he would be an asset to any team. As part of the Operational Excellence team, he helped the Treasury Operations team to improve our processes and make them more efficient. His contribution was highly appreciated.
Paolo’s attitude, always positive and solution-oriented helped us to achieve our goals in terms of automation. His deep knowledge in Lean methodology contributed to change the mindset for all the team and made us think about the way to improve the processes and make them more efficient.
I would strongly recommend Paolo for a position related to process analysis and improvement. I am 100% sure he would success.

Since I started working with Paolo I noticed his special skills: attention to detail, high organisational and analytical skills, how easily he engages people into his teamwork and how amazingly he motivates and coordinates teams. He’s a self-motivated person with excelent ideas and was born to lead change management processes. He’s also a great colleague and better person, empathic and with an ability to understand and connect to people around him. A real mix of best behavioural and technical abilities.