Nataliia Petrushina

Business Coach

With a background in entrepreneurship and business administration, I have extensive coaching experience with entrepreneurs and executives, globally. I am host of the transformational game ‘House of the Soul’ and a trainer in the program ‘Coaching Competencies for the Head and Effective Negotiator’. My methods include transformational techniques, system constellations, psychological practices and coaching tools to help my clients develop awareness and alternate perspectives for practical problem solving application. My personal coaching training and my practice of conscious leadership have primed me for leadership, business, management, transition and work-life balance coaching.

My strengths lie in developing awareness and being able to view various perspectives in life and its challenges, with a focus on solving them. These are skills that have aided me in my own life as a leader and female entrepreneur. Having practiced what I preach, I am highly trained with a wealth of experience in entrepreneurial, executive, transformational and relational coaching in the areas of life, business, career and teams.

I have particular interest in business coaching having been a business owner for 18 years, my forte being sales, negotiations and management. My leadership skills have elevated me to be a member of the Board of Directors of ICF Russia and the host of House of the Soul. I also enjoy sharing knowledge as a trainer and utilizing transformational techniques, system constellations, psychological practices and coaching tools in my coaching programs Women’s leadership, Reaching a new level, From hire to own business and Balance of life and work.

I am proud to be an alumnus of higher institutions of education and training, Open British University and ICF, and for my business and coaching affiliations with organizations such as Bank Sankt Petersburg, Elba Furniture, Megrame Export.


English, Russian






BA Mechanical Engineer

Professional Certified Coach

Conscious Business Coaching

Negotiations Coaching


During a period from August to December 2021 I had a pleasure taking coaching sessions with Natalya over the Internet Coach Hub platform. This was an enriching and active period when we met with Natalya on weekly / biweekly basis and covered a vast array of professional and personal topics that helped me a lot in reaching my goal of successfully completing a high intensity project in Zurich, Switzerland.
Natalya provided coaching in such comprehensive areas as:
Leading negotiations
Working with ambiguity and unstructured tasks
Engaging and motivating teams for taking over responsibility and collectively reaching project’s targets
Acting as a mediator between parties with polar approaches towards the end results Establishing healthy work life balance
Overall, I strongly believe that Natalya would be an asset to any coaching endeavor given her high spectrum of knowledge, experience and focus on result. I especially liked her coaching method as her grasp was very firm towards the tasks we set for each session though, at the same time, we worked in a very sensible way with mutual trust and support.