Mónica Schottenheim

Midlife Women Coach & Expat parent mentor

After working in social enterprises, such as schools and volunteering services, and overcoming multiple challenges over 20 years of expatriate experiences in 4 different countries around the world, I realized that my mission was to help midlife, expat women live fulfilled lives in a conscious, positive and meaningful way. This to establish sustainable relationships and development of our children and future leaders, impacting society in general.

Now a resident of central Dubai- UAE, I have globally situated clients of whom I meet in person or virtually. My background in early childhood development, education, neurodiversity, social outreach and experience as an expatriate has primed me to guide midlife women and expat parents to live consciously with outward results in the family, socially and in the work environment.

Some of my expertise include mental first aid, advocating for mental health and awareness, parenting, psychology, emotional intelligence, NLP and of course being an expat mum to 3 of my own children. Serving the neurodiverse community, in 2019 I launched a worldwide private support group “Special Mums International” for expat mothers of neurodivergent children. Now a community of almost 500 women going through similar struggles of isolation, frustration and lack of support across the globe. I work in a result-oriented, open, creative, flexible and committed way to transform people’s lives while being sensitive to the cultural diversity of each of my clients, maintaining respect, trust, safety and confidentiality.
Through my coaching and mentoring, my clients want to improve their self-confidence, resilience and mental fitness, adapt to their new life situations, restore their inner balance, redesign their life and live with more fulfillment and a positive mindset to transform and flourish, reaching their full potential in each of their roles and responsibilities.


Spanish, English, Portuguese






Teacher specialised in early childhood education

Associate Certified Coach

Co-Active Professional Certified Coach

Mental Fitness Coach

NLP Coach

    • Emotional Intelligence Coach
    • Wellness Coach

Mental Health First Aider

Effective Parenting


I did a Positive Intelligence training with Mónica. She is a really good coach and gives a lot of depth to the training. Thanks a lot.

Monica is a great mentor! As a mother of 3 children, Monica is definitely a role model for other mothers and women in general who need guidance. We all have times when we feel a little lost or indecisive, and Monica has been there for me. Thank you! I have completed a 6-week course on Positive Intelligence PQ, with Mónica Schottenheim.
Thank you Monica for all your support during this period, you are an amazing coach!
Can’t wait to see what’s next, this is just the beginning!
PQ stands at the bottom of Emotional Intelligence EQ, which is, in myopinion necessary in all aspects of our life!”

”Monica and I had many hours of coaching and it turned out to be wonderful to discover other points that are hidden there and that you don’t know are there until someone comes and discovers them and helps you. I decided to change my life and do what I am passionate about, which is sales, I decided not to work for anyone else’s goals but for my own goals and dreams, so I started in the world of real estate. Today, 2 years later, I am positioned in that market. It has been a path of a lot of learning and motivation. I went back to giving Pilates training, another of my passions and helping women improve their self-esteem. I freed myself from a relationship that had no future and I suffered much less than before, so I highly recommend my dear Monica because thanks to the journey into my interior that I made with her help; today I know that I am a better person. Thank you Monica for your contribution to my life.”

At the End 2020 I followed Positive Intelligence with Monica for 6 weeks. The course excelled my expectations. Monica is a great coach and a great person with her loving kindness she can pulled you through difficult moments.
I can Highly recommend Monica

Before I had the coaching sessions with Monica, I was struggling with my life and my daily challenges. I was
depressed and angry, and most of the time lack of self confidence, but not anymore after Monica coached me.
I was feeling all the pressure and life obstacles that you may face on daily basis from different aspects of your life
(family, kids, husband, career..) and stress and anger accumulated and controlled my life which affected my life and my
relationships negatively until I met Monica and started to have with her the coaching sessions that guided,
strengthened and empowered me with the tools that made me deal with my daily challenges in a very effective way and
at the same time keep my emotions in balance as well as these sessions taught me how to take care of myself.
Monica is a very professional coach, she is so kind, a very good listener, and understanding that you will be so
comfortable with, talking openly about yourself and your life without being worried anything specially from being judged.
I do highly recommend having Monica as your life coach.

Monica is a talented coach, with an innate gift of reading people’s mind. Monica is a great professional and human
being and I feel very lucky that our paths cross each other when I needed the most!.

Monica has been a lifeline to me over the past year. First with her coffee mornings and social media groups, then as
a life coach and PQ coach, Monica has been one of the most stabilizing factors in what has been a very unstable and uncertain year of parenting a teen with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and crippling school refusal. Monica’s quiet reassurance that we will get through this and that listening to my heart and my child is not only okay for me to do, but is the most important thing I can do, has been what I have clung to, and she has again and again been proven right. The life coaching and PQ coaching I did with Monica offered an entirely new perspective and new skills in calming and regulating myself, so that I can more effectively provide support to my child and the rest of the family. Having an awareness of how my own brain was unnecessarily causing so much of my panic and anxiety and having new ways of calming myself has been hugely beneficial. It enabled me to stay calm enough to be able to also complete some trauma therapy successfully and really heal some of the past issues that I was bringing to the situation. Without learning to “surf” the waves of this challenging phase of parenting rather than continuing to try and fight against the waves (and drown in them), I don’t think I would have been as able to do that deep therapeutic work and healing so efficiently and successfully. Monica’s compassion, wisdom, calming spirit and generosity cannot be matched and I honestly do not know where I would be now without her.

Monica is a Top Coach! You can expect sincerity, intelligence and a set of tools to achieve your goals objectively. I can only say good words about the work we have done!
Thank you, Monica!

Being a client at MS Coaching with Monica was an enlightening experience. I did a coaching program of 20 hours which was extremely challenging, yet effective! I feel that I have managed to achieve goals and outcomes very fast with the various writing and physical activities I was required to do. The Co-active approach was very impactful, as it targeted the root cause of all the problems, which is why I could reassess the situation from a positive perspective.
Thank you for being myLife Coach I feel your encouragement & support has made me change from within and now I want to pursue my passions in a practical and grounded manner! Excellent rapport building and intuitive approach towards wellness and coaching! I highly recommend you to all and will definitely be coming back to you whenever I need help in the future.

Monica has worked with my family and I for several years now, and I consider her a friend and a mentor. She has a natural ability to empathetically understand and connect with your individual situation, and gently empowers you to discover more about yourself and your own capabilities. Monica has guided us through relationship therapy, positive intelligence coaching as well as observing and working 1 to 1 with my 10 year old son who has an ADHD diagnosis. She is kind, she is also firm and challenges you to look inward and above all, she remains patient and understanding. She is marvellous with both male and female adults, and very playful with children.
She guides and mentors a small group of woman here in Dubai who all have greatly benefited from her parental wisdom and coaching skills. I recommend her to anyone who is feeling a little lost or stuck with their own mindset and assumptions, or worried about the future for themselves or a family member.

I have really enjoyed having Monica as my coach. She escorted me in the process of overcoming the fear of leaving the comfort zone. Through her guidance, I was able to make the decision to go back to school at my senior age, and find a better job. Fantastic Journey with Monica.