Karine Duranty

Executive and Cultural Intelligence Coach

After working as an Export Manager for 2 decades, I developed the passion for diversity & inclusion and transformational coaching.
Corporately by delivering cultural intelligence training & coaching, facilitating workshops and helping individuals and teams to thrive in multicultural environments. My mission is to equip my clients with the relevant confidence, mindset and tools that will allow them to perform in our increasingly diverse world.
I stand for empowerment & improving relationships at work and with yourself.

I am French with a food technology background. I switched early in my career to marketing and business development. I have lived and worked in 7 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
That’s how I gained valuable experience working across cultures within cross functional teams. I enjoyed it so much that “What makes people succeed in international/ multicultural environments?” soon became one of my favorite questions. Passionate about personal growth and empowering others, I became a certified coach in 2019. I also specialized in cultural intelligence (CQ), backed by decades of research, that provides a framework to develop the proper mindset, skills and set of behaviors to perform in multicultural environments. Yes, it can be learned and I am on a mission to help teams and individuals succeed in navigating diversity and improving relationships at work.
Improving your “personal” relationships, starting with yourself, is my second area of focus.
Navigating through life, career, countries, positions also taught me a lot about alignment. I tested many tools and experienced different practices for me and my clients and I am happy to share that, no solution fits for all, as we are all unique! I stand for differentiation and developed along the way a holistic approach for individual life coaching to empower you to embody your uniqueness, towards alignment.


English, French






Master International Management

Associate Certified Coach

Cultural Intelligence CQ Certified Trainer

Cultural Intelligence CQ Certified Facilitator


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