Joy Milling Simony

Personal Development and career coach for expat women

After working as a lawyer in the financial sector in Denmark, I expatriated to the Middle East with my family in 2013 and realized I wanted to support other expat women.
My mission is to empower expat women to find their inner strengths and rediscover their purpose, because it is too easy as an expat “trailing spouse” to forget about your own dreams and loose your confidence while supporting your husband and children.
I am passionate about women leadership both in corporate and personal settings and wholehearted living where authenticity, creativity and vulnerability go hand in hand.

I am an ACC credentialed life coach specialized in expat women, who have left their careers behind to follow their family on an expat journey.
Before I became a coach, I worked as a lawyer in Denmark until I in 2013 expatriated to the Middle East with my family. During my expat journey, I realized that being a corporate lawyer didn’t fulfill me. I had been driven by a need for acknowledgement and a “safe” career in becoming a lawyer, and I realized that my personal values around human connectedness and helping others, weren’t being met in this job, which made me very unhappy.
Giving up that career was therefore easy. However, I was finding life as an expat wife/stay-at-home-mum hard at times, and decided that I wanted to retrain to become a life coach for expat women, so I could help other expat women, who like myself weren’t fulfilled in their expat lives.
I’m passionate about personal development and emotional intelligence and my mission as a coach is to empower expat women to grow, reignite their inner strengths and align with their values.
The topics my clients come to me with are diverse, but often center around the following topics: How to find happiness as an expat wife, if you’ve left a career behind and seem to have lost part of yourself to motherhood and to being a “trailing spouse”.
Other topics I coach on are how to juggle career and parenthood, if you are a working expat wife, or how to change careers mid-life as an expat woman.
Working on these topics involves deep inner work on reconnecting with your inner leader, getting clearer on your personal values, overcoming “imposter syndrome” and accepting your inner critic without letting it take charge, and reigning in perfectionism and low self-esteem that might get in the way of living your best life.


English, Danish






Masters Degree in Law

Associate Certified Coach

Empower World

    • Somatic Coaching
    • Process and Coaching Emotions
    • Coach: Mentoring Programme


Coaching with Joy is always special to me. I’m a deep thinker and not always easy to follow, but Joy helps me to see and hold onto the silver lining when looking for more clarity. She has the natural talent to ask spot on questions in the right moment. Joy won my trust to the extent where I am able to let go of “the right answers” and engage in my inherent creative mode. I especially treasure her genuine interest and the space she gives me. I’m thankful for her insightfulness and clean approach.

Joy is an inspiring, results-oriented coach. Through the use of different techniques I was able to explore different areas of my life, gaining so much clarity about the past and taking positive action for the future. I am extremely grateful to Joy for her kindness and true professionalism.

I was coached by Joy in a time where I was going through a life crisis. During the coaching sessions I was given tools to reflect on and understand my work/life priorities – and now, 3 years later, I have made huge changes in my work life and have started studying again. Thank you Joy for giving me the faith in myself and the courage to open my eyes for new possibilities in life.