Jana Morton


Jana has been trained and mentored by the New York Times bestselling author and relationship expert Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT. She is dual certified by her as a Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” coach.

She holds a Brain-Based professional coach certification from the Neuroleadership Prague and completed The Science of well-being certification by Yale University.

As a relationship coach, Jana helps her clients navigate through toxic dynamics in their relationship and guides them toward creating happy, healthy, and authentic connections. The main emphasis of Jana’s coaching is to identify old false beliefs and name the patterns, that are blocking her clients from either sustaining a healthy relationship or finding the right partner. These false beliefs and unhealthy patterns are deeply rooted in childhood and with Jana’s ontological style coaching, clients can transform from victimization and hopelessness into self-responsibility and self-awareness and are well supported to create the relationships they desire.

Jana also specializes in the Conscious Uncoupling program, which helps clients navigate breakup/divorce more respectfully and compassionately so it doesn’t ruin people’s lives, damage their children and define their future.

Seeing her clients waking up from the trance of victimization, claiming their power and life back, no matter how deep their traumas are, is the most rewarding aspect of Jana’s work.

As a Well-being coach Jana helps her stressed and overworked clients slow down, find time for themselves to recharge, and establish healthy, sustainable habits to thrive and be well in their busy life.


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“Calling in the One” Certified Coach

Conscious Uncoupling certified coach

Brain Based Certified Professional Coach

Science of well-being certification

Certified Rescue Diver