Amr Hijazi

Lawyer Leadership Coach

Driven by my innate passion for empowering people and helping them grow their capabilities and potential, I transitioned to coaching and counseling after being an international corporate lawyer for 10 years. Now I help lawyers learn how to manage their stress, avoid a burnout, raise their productivity and profitability, and become more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been curious about the world around me and always enjoyed challenging and growing my abilities. That led me to study law, get my LLB, work as an international corporate lawyer for 10 years between Jordan, the UAE, and the UK, and gain an invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise during that period about myself and others, including how to appreciate our uniqueness and similarities, how to handle ‘change’ and tough times, and how to keep balance in my life.

Despite a demanding profession, curiosity and growth-seeking always motivated me to explore different skills, sports, and interests, and caused me to grow a particular passion towards martial arts, practices of spirituality, and travel.

In 2019, curiosity and growth-seeking prompted me to relocate to Canada and transition my career to a new path that allowed me to honor my innate passion to connect with people on a fundamental level, and help empower them to become the best versions of themselves. That is when I enrolled with the Co-Active Training Institute to start my professional training, and started my journey as a leadership coach.

Along the way, I recognized that if I had known during my legal career how to manage myself as I now know, I would have been more effective at my work and more fulfilled in life. That is when I decided that my mission will be to help other lawyers raise the self-awareness and self-management they need to become more effective and get more fulfilled in their lives, or otherwise assist them in taking brave decisions and transitioning to where they need to be at.

Since then, I’ve been leaning on my knowledge, my expertise, and my professional coaching skills to support, inspire, and push my clients to take charge, make meaningful changes in their lives, and unleash their fullest potential.

Now my dream is a world where everyone realizes their fullest potential and there is universal care, cooperation, and support amongst people.


English, Arabic






CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

ACC – Associate Certified Coach


At a time where my life felt like a metaphorical hurricane with some emotional turmoil and with my career, I decided to take on an initial session with Amr. I left that hour with mental tools that allowed me to visualize different aspects of my life in entirely new ways. And best of all, his methods are not preachy. He guides you on the right path but ultimately empowers you to be the captain of the ship.

Amr helped me find clarity in what I want to do. I was lost and didn’t know where to start! He helped me create a plan that aligns with my values, understand my priorities and most importantly helped me take action! My business has taken off thanks to the calls with Amr and I can’t be more thankful. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance. Thank you again and I will always have you involved in helping me grow as an individual.

From my first coaching session, Amr made me think of how to structure my priorities in a way that I have never thought of before. He helped me to focus on the things that really mattered to me but I never paid attention to or even noticed. He challenged my thinking, attitude, values and beliefs. He has helped me in figuring out what exactly I want to do and why I haven’t started yet!
He is the type of guy who makes you instantly comfortable and stress-free when talking to. In brief, his sessions are priceless and helpful, both to my professional and personal development so thank you Amr!