Alexi Fernandez

Leadership Development Executive & Team Coach

As a Life Surfer with 4 careers who has lived in more than 10 countries, I
partner with leaders and teams to create success through an elevated
awareness of the waves of possibility in their ecosystem.
Faced with recurrent challenges throughout my careers, I have captured
my experience and created my own vision on leadership. I join leaders on their
path to awareness and teams on their evolution to interdependence.
My clients experience an evolution from reactivity to creativity, connecting to
their vision, understanding, courage, and adaptability.

Throughout the last 20 years, Alexi had four fulfilling and successful careers,
embracing opportunities and change. He started as a corporate lawyer and
then shifted to a passion for marketing emerging economies, changing the
perception global leaders had of them. During these years he interacted with
the most prominent Heads of State and CEOs in these economies.
As an entrepreneur, he co-founded two startups and led a spinoff, assuming
the roles of CEO, Managing Partner, and Executive Director. He has also
been an advisor in transformation and innovation to various CEOs and
businesses owners serving them on their path to creating success through
digitalization and business model transformation.
Alexi combines his role as a Managing Partner of this firm with several
entrepreneurial projects around the concepts of regenerative living and youth
Alexi’s services include sustainable transformation, leadership development,
team development, and executive coaching. His clients surf the waves of
possibility instead of resisting the waves of transformation.


English, Spanish







CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

PCC – Professional Certified Coach

LCP – Leadership Circle Profile

The Strozzi Institute – Embodied Transformation Leadership

The Co-Active Training Institute Leadership Program

Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance


Alexi is a highly perceptive coach with so much to offer. He has helped me immensely to navigate through uncertainty and see a much bigger picture that often seemed a bit distorted or unclear. His calm and holistic approach plus the challenges he gives is invaluable and I would highly recommend him to individuals and business leaders alike.

Alexi helped me navigate a tricky chapter in my private/professional life using a toolbox of smart emotional and motivational instruments. Till this day, I still use some of the takeaways that I gained during our sessions. Alexi will get you back on track!

I chose Alexi as a coach because of his experience with startups and his holistic approach. He is a great listener and will support you to realign your personality with your leadership skills using many interesting tools that will help you achieve real clarity of purpose. I would highly recommend him to people looking for a different professional/life coaching session.