Lionela, Todirean

Founder Heal Coaching
The Entrepreneur’s Coach

As the founder of HEAL Coaching and author of the Amazon best-seller Delete, I possess a wealth of expertise in transformation, life and business strategy.
My passion for personal growth has led me to become a multi-disciplinary and international coach, specializing in helping individuals achieve meaningful success, peace and balance in their lives.

With my extensive training from leading experts and internationally acclaimed programs such as the Tony Robbins Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB), Beck Institute Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Kian Ramsey Life Coaching and NLP programs, and The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to my coaching practice.

Through my HEAL mindset coaching practice, I empower individuals to bridge the gap between external appearances and internal fulfillment. Additionally, I help business owners to develop strategies to achieve success in all of their goals.

My strengths in fostering connection, encouraging excellence, and facilitating positive change have led me to develop the practical guidebook Delete. A valuable resource for those seeking to transform negative thinking into positive change.

As a certified EFT, TFT, and Meditation practitioner, I am passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, I have successfully led corporate trainings and serve as a transformational speaker, sharing my passion for personal growth and meaningful success with audiences worldwide on platforms like AURA VIWELL CLARITY VALLEY and more.

Whether you’re seeking personal transformation, life strategy development, corporate training or transformational speaking, my coaching practice offers a holistic approach to achieving meaningful success.


English, Romanian